A healthy business needs healthy employees. Equipsme aims to bolster the health and wellbeing of your clients’ employees.

With several plans available to any business with more than one employee, and starting at £7 per person per month, Equipsme truly is an attractive alternative to Private Medical insurance.

The smart way to a healthy business.

Organising health insurance for businesses can be difficult. Policy loopholes may hinder the cover that a business needs and each employee will require different levels of cover.

It means protecting an entire workforce with the same policy may be beneficial for some members of staff, but of little use to others.

Equipsme offers practical, simple cover. Your client chooses the package that suits them, and their employees can choose to upgrade that cover or add family members.

Health insurance not only protects the health and wellbeing of existing staff, but it also serves as an attractive benefit to potential employees. The flexibility of cover can help your clients to attract the best talent around.

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A choice of 4 plans – benefits are dependent on the required level of cover but include:

  • Available for businesses with 2+ employees
  • 24/7 365 unlimited GP appointments by phone
  • 7 days/week (excluding Bank Holidays) unlimited GP Appointments online/via webcam
  • Diagnosis Cover

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  • Treatment Cover
  • Choice of 3 to unlimited Physio Sessions/year
  • Online Health Checks
  • Blood Test Kit/Report
  • Prescription Delivery
  • Private Nurse Helpline
  • Optional Stress Support
  • Optional Dental & Optical Cover
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Why choose Equipsme?


Equipsme makes medical insurance for SMEs simple. Your client chooses a package and adds any extras. Your client’s employees then choose any extras they require and can immediately make use of the plan. They can use the app to book appointments and speak with nurses.

The price of the plan is the same for all ages 16-69 years and all applicable taxes are included.

There are no medical questions upon application.

With very little information you can prepare a quotation and send to your clients, the administration has been simplified to make it as easy as possible to place cover.


Not all employees need to be on the same cover, your client can choose different cover levels for their employees.

A common criticism of company health insurance policies is their inflexible terms. Equipsme understands that blanket cover is seldom suitable, which is why your client can also upgrade to include dental cover, optical cover and stress support. While employees can upgrade their core cover individually, add a spouse or partner for the same price as an employee and up to six children at 50% of the employee cost in total.


Plans have a 3-year pre-existing exclusion relating to any health problems experienced. Of the plans, only one includes an excess and this only applies to two of the five benefits available, not impacting GP access or physiotherapy.

When it comes to cancer, fast diagnosis is key to getting the treatment you need quickly, so cancer diagnosis is covered on all plans starting from £17pppm. Once cancer is diagnosed, Equipsme will support and guide back into the NHS for treatment


Even standard private medical insurance schemes can be an expensive bill for businesses to foot. The four tiers of Equipsme ensure your clients can choose the plan that is right for them. Flexible cover options and optional extras help both employers and employees get effective cover at a genuinely affordable price. Core cover prices range from £7pppm to £37pppm.

Stress Support at £1.50pppm and Dental & Optical at £7.50 pppm are options available to your clients to add across the plan.