Working in the rural sector can be a hazardous business

Working within the agricultural sector can be difficult, causing stress that can impact emotional and mental well-being.  

One of the reasons for these high levels of stress is that the sector has more associated risk compared to others. This is due partly to the physically demanding nature of the work and the isolation that often go hand-in-hand with working in this industry.

Caring for the workforce

Everyone reserves the right to be able to carry out their work without concerns that they could be taken ill or injured as a result of the job.

Human life is invaluable, but as well as the moral responsibilities an employer has to take care of their workforce, there are financial advantages to taking employee health seriously.

Investing in health insurance can help to safeguard the business and protect a businesses’ most valuable asset – the people.

This is why we have developed a health insurance plan that is tailored specifically to the sector, which takes into consideration the unique challenges for those working within it.

Introducing Equipsme

Equipsme is a new type of health insurance, which is built specifically with the rural sector in mind. We have developed a made-to-measure insurance solution in which employees can choose a mixture of plans to suit their distinct needs and budget.

Understanding the risk

The Equipsme Health Insurance Plan is about understanding the risks associated with working within the sector and protecting your employees if the unexpected happens.

Those working in the sector will know only too well that there are many hazards associated with the job – ranging from dangerous machinery to accidents with livestock and everything in-between.

In 2019 14,000 agricultural workers reported suffering from work-related ill-health, and many more instances will have gone unreported. Of this figure, around half of these were musculoskeletal disorders – indicating the impact that the physical nature of the job has on the human body.

Another 14,000 suffered non-fatal work-related injuries within the sector.

So, given all the associated risk, investing in private health insurance should be a must for any employer in the sector.

Equipsme add-ons    

The base rate for Equipsme is £7pp and the price plan is the same for all ages (from 16-69). Employees can then upgrade and add family to the policies depending on their unique circumstances.

Depending on the cover level being selected, Equipsme can offer between 3 and unlimited physiotherapy sessions per year which can be used to treat many musculoskeletal issues and lower back pain. It also includes access to a GP or nurse 24 hours a day.

As well as physical ailments, working within the agricultural industry can also be extremely stressful. The stress associated with a bad harvest or a summer of bad weather is enormous, and the nature of the job means that farmers can expect to spend a large proportion of their time alone, and this can be very isolating.

As part of the Equipsme product, you can add a stress support package for £1.50pppm. This provides:

– 24/7 helpline support on a range of work-related, personal and lifestyle matters

– Telephone and/or online counselling (up to 5 sessions).