Rural Protect Elements: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Rural Protect Elements?

Rural Protect Elements is a management liability policy, a streamlined version of Rural Protect. The policy is designed to meet the needs of smaller rural businesses, who may not require the full breadth of cover available through Rural Protect. The policy still offers a high level of support to smaller businesses, without them paying for cover they may not need.

  1. What are the key benefits of Rural Protect Elements?

Underwritten by AXA Insurance plc, Rural Protect Elements supports smaller rural businesses and smallholders facing challenges from regulatory bodies, administrative and legal issues, whether they be a limited company, partnership or sole trader.

There are so many regulations facing the agricultural industry, and farmers must work responsibly to ensure the standards are met. Rural Protect Elements provides cover for all forms of negligent acts or omissions by any member of the organisation, including director, employee or volunteer. It also delivers assistance in the day-to-day running of the business to help prevent issues. Rural Protect Elements also provides in-depth legal assistance through rradar, including digital tools to educate, manage and advise agricultural businesses on how to reduce their legal risks.

  1. How will Rural Protect Elements help if my client needs legal advice?

The policy includes 24/7 access to rradar, who are a specialist litigation and commercial law firm, who use legal expertise and digital tools to educate, manage and advise on ways agricultural businesses can reduce legal risks.

  1. What does the policy include?

Personal Liability & Company Liability

Civil, regulatory and criminal allegations made against individuals and/or the company can cause significant distress, as well as being very costly and time consuming. Because these areas can be so complex, and the legislations around them very specific, a Management Liability policy is vital in providing the financial support and guidance in these difficult times.

Rural Protect Elements will provide defence against claims from any UK regulator and covers the HSE Fees for Intervention which can be extremely costly at £154 an hour.

Optional Employment Practices Liability (EPL) Cover

In the UK there is currently no fee for an employee to make a claim to the Employment Tribunal. A vigilant business needs to consider their legal defence costs if allegations are made against them.

EPL covers legal costs, awards and settlements for any employment claims brought against the policyholder or any past, present or future director/trustee, officer, or employee. This would include defence for claims such as unfair dismissal, discrimination and sexual harassment.

Fraud & Cyber Cover

The evolution and impact of digital technology creates opportunities for fraudulent behaviour. Email accounts are being frequently hacked and invoices doctored with alternative account details, payment is then made in unknown error to the fraudster.

Cover includes up to £5,000 for third party electronic funds transfer and telephone fraud.

Pursuit Cover

This provides an optional layer of protection for your clients for contract disputes.

  1. What is the difference between Rural Protect & Rural Protect Elements?

The below table provides an outline of some of the main differences between Rural Protect Elements and Rural Protect. For a full product comparison, please click here.

Feature Rural Protect Rural Protect Elements


Up to £25,000,000 pa

Up to £50,000 pa

Indemnity Limit

From £100,000 to £5,000,000


Pursuit Indemnity Limit (aggregate limit)



Fraud Covers



Debt Recovery

· The minimum amount in dispute exceeds £5,000

· Costs incurred in any debt recovery claim up to £10,000 shall not exceed 50% of the total amount of the claim.


rradarrecover applies

One complimentary submission of an active debt:

·   24/7 access to rradarrecover

·   Calculation of late payment charges and interest

·   Option to send late payment, pre-action and draft court proceedings solicitor’s letters to debtor

For any debt recovery beyond the one complimentary active debt recovery submission, there is the option to purchase a pay as you go / monthly subscription to rradarrecover.

 Fees for Intervention


Health & Safety Executive, Pension, Civil and Environmental

Health & Safety Executive FFI only


  1. What type of clients is Rural Protect Elements designed for?

Rural Protect Elements was designed in response to broker feedback, to help cater for smaller rural businesses and smallholders. The type of trades who would benefit from this policy are listed, here.

For more information about Rural Protect Elements, visit our website, here. You can also contact a member of the team on 01653 609 090 or by emailing