Welcome to Rural Protect Elements…

After responding to customer feedback and acknowledging that no two businesses are the same, we have developed Rural Protect Elements.

As the name infers, the product contains the core elements of Rural Protect but is designed for smallholders or rural trades where the turnover is £50,000 or less.

These small, but perfectly formed, organisations may not need the same level of cover as an SME agricultural business but inherently have an exposure to regulatory matters in exactly the same way – just on a smaller scale! Rural Protect Elements has been created to meet these needs whilst not over-insuring the customer with extensions of cover that would never be claimed for.

It is estimated that there are over 192,000 farms in the UK, with around 50% being smallholdings* so there is a real need to protect those smaller, often sole trader, businesses with a product that is relevant and designed specifically for them.

Of course, we are not stopping those customers purchasing Rural Protect but affording farms and rural businesses the choice, based on their individual needs and appetite to risk.

The Rural Protect Elements premium starts from £150, inclusive of Tax and fee; compare this cost to the hourly rate a solicitor would charge at £157 per hour to help in an investigation by the HSE or DEFRA, and the commercial sense of purchasing a Rural Protect Elements policy makes perfect sense.

A key element to the Rural Protect product range is the inclusion of rradar, who are a specialist litigation and commercial law firm that use legal expertise and digital tools to proactively manage, advise and deliver business solutions to reduce business risks. Their services underpin the policy cover and provide the customer with the same benefits whether they choose Rural Protect or Rural Protect Elements.

The differences between Rural Protect and Rural Protect Elements are summarised as follows:



Rural Protect

Rural Protect Elements


Up to £25,000,000 PA

Up to £50,000 PA

Indemnity Limit

From £100,000 to £5,000,000

£75,000 only

Pursuit Indemnity Limit (aggregate limit)



Compensation for Court Attendance



Data Protection Breach



Contractual Liability



Identity Fraud

Indemnity Limit


Telephone Fraud

£10,000 as standard can be increased up to maximum of £100,000


Third Party Electronic Funds Transfer

£10,000 as standard can be increased up to maximum of £100,000


Third Party Fraud or Forgery

£10,000 as standard can be increased up to maximum of £100,000


Circumstance Investigation Costs



Infringement of Copyright



Debt Recovery

  • The minimum amount in dispute exceeds £5,000
  • Costs incurred in any debt recovery claim up to £10,000 shall not exceed 50% of the total amount of the claim.
rradarrecover applies

One complimentary submission of an active debt:

  • 24/7 access to rradarrecover
  • Calculation of late payment charges and interest
  • Option to send late payment, pre-action and draft court proceedings solicitor’s letters to debtor

For any debt recovery beyond the one complimentary active debt recovery submission, there is the option to purchase a pay as you go / monthly subscription to rradarrecover.

Personal Tax

Where rradar assess such defence costs will mitigate or avoid a claim – £25,000 for any one claim.

Caused by wrongful act – £25,000 for any one claim.

Fees for Intervention

Health & Safety Executive, Pension, Civil and Environmental

Health & Safety Executive FFI only

Crisis PR Advice

Failed Public Offering

Breach of Professional Duty

Share Offerings Exclusion

Additional limit for Non-Indemnifiable loss

Extradition Proceedings Cover

Management Buy-out

Outside Company Cover

Personal Charity/Not for Profit

Pollution Claims

Related Party USA

Employee Dishonesty

Insolvency Hearing Costs

Loss of Documents

Negative Social Media PR costs

Restrictive Covenant

*less than 50 acres, DEFRA, 2019.

We have also made Rural Protect Elements simple to purchase. Log on to our online web portal**, when adding your client’s annual turnover; if this is £50,000 or less, you will be given the option to obtain a Rural Protect Elements quote, with all documents available online immediately.

Help is always at hand so if you have a question or need assistance, please call us on 01653 609090 or emails us at enquiries@hbunderwriting.co.uk

**registered users only. Please contact us if you’d like to set up an agency.