Covid-19 Support for Rural Protect Customers

The covid-19 pandemic has caused major issues for many businesses in all sectors, meaning they are having to make tough decisions on matters such as redundancy and furloughing staff.

Please speak to us to make sure your clients are registered for rradar digital tools. We register clients with rradar, with the e-mail noted via our website. rradar then send a registration e-mail out to the Insured to validate the registration.

rradar have a dedicated section on rradarstation. The section provides practical advice on how to minimise the effect of coronavirus on a business in key areas, including employment, health and safety and data.

All Rural Protect clients have access to the rradar services noted below as part of the policy.

Please ensure your clients speak to rradar if they needing to make decisions on furloughing staff or potential redundancies.


Preventative Advisory Service

The online portal is easy to understand, giving clients 24/7 access to guidance, videos answering frequent questions and downloadable templates to use in the day-to-day running of their business. rradar solicitors are continually developing our library of guidance which covers major topics including employment law, health and safety regulations, tax, commercial contracts and corporate governance.

If you have a legal question and need advice quickly, then rradarstation is your first port of call. Whether you require a contract template or examples of corporate letters, each written and verified by our legal professionals, you will find the answers you are looking for.

To complement the online rradarstation portal, rradar have a team of UK-based legal advisors, solicitors, and regulatory experts who are contactable via email or phone between 8am – 6pm, Monday to Friday.  They are with you from first contact to the point that your problem is finally resolved, and will be there again if needed.

All legal advice provided by rradar is protected by legal privilege, meaning it is confidential, as is the information you provide to us.

rradar Grace

The Intelligent Legal Assistant

rradar recognise that their clients like to use the latest technology and want a legal services partner who can deliver knowledge through dynamic platforms, to make the law more accessible and on the go. The library of knowledge isn’t just for office staff sat at a desk. They aim to make their digital tools as versatile as the businesses we support, so that all their legal expertise is available through rradargrace – the intelligent legal assistant.

rradargrace is rradars intelligent legal assistant for business and is linked to rradarstation. Using predictive text and voice recognition, her answers to questions regarding organisations’ legal queries can be delivered to your smartphone or other device, wherever you are, whenever you need them. Downloadable from the App store or Google Play store, rradargrace is accessible as a mobile app, or you can talk directly to her from your web browser.

Reliable, quick legal answers. Users can ask rradargrace questions across a range of topics and she will respond clearly, but we all know the world is more nuanced than that and often she will direct users to a longer article on the rradarstation web portal. She will also give them the option to call our advisors for more bespoke advice.